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Magruder Invitational History

2022Blake at Magruder
2022Gaithersburg at Magruder
2021RM at Magruder
2013Darius Ray Invitational
2012Darius Ray Invitational
2001Magruder Relays
2001Magruder Relays Records
1998Magruder Relays
1997Magruder Relays
1996Magruder Relays
1996Magruder Relays Records
1995Magruder Relays
1994Magruder Relays
1993Magruder Relays
1980Magruder Invitational
1979Magruder Invitational Records
1979Magruder Invitational
1978Magruder Invitational
1977Magruder Invitational
1976Magruder Invitational
1975Magruder Invitational
1974Magruder Invitational
1973Magruder Invitational
1972Magruder Invitational
1971Magruder Invitational

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Three distinct meets are shown here: the Magruder Invitational, the Magruder Relays, and the Darius Ray Invitational.

The Magruder Invitational was one of the largest track meets in the Washington area from the 1960's through the early 1980's. It typically attracted the best programs across multiple states including frequent attendance by strong teams from the Hampton Roads region of Virginia in addition to Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. The meet was directed by Jim DeMoss who also directed the Magruder Invitational's predecessor, the Northwood Invitational in the '60's, and directed the Montgomery County Championship Meet in the early 80's.

The Magruder Relays of the 90's and early 2000's was a decidedly different meet that was directed by Ron McGaw.

The Darius Ray Invitational was started by Coach Nathan Timm in honor of former Magruder High School sprinter, jumper, and football player, Darius Ray who was murdered by knife stabbing two years after graduating high school. Ray had an infectious, loquacious personality and always kept the jumping competitions lively in the short time that he competed.

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