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2024Jesuit Invitational
2023Jesuit Championship
2022Jesuit Invitational
2020Jesuit Invitational
2019Jesuit Invitational
2018Jesuit Invitational
2017Jesuit Invitational
2016Jesuit Invitational
2015Jesuit Invitational
2014Jesuit Invitational
2013Jesuit Invitaitonal
2012Jesuit Invitational
2011Jesuit Invitational
2010Jesuit Invitational
2009Jesuit Invitational

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The Jesuit Invitational was designed to be an indoor track championship meet for Jesuit prep schools nationwide. Georgetown Prep School in Bethesda, Maryland created the meet in 2009, two years after the opening of the Hanley Center indoor track facility. Teams have participated from as far away as Chicago and New York. From the beginning, non-Jesuit schools participated in the meet but did not count in the scoring. Non-Jesuit girls events were introduced in the meet's second year for pacing purposes.

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