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Hoxton Invitational History

2019Hoxton Invitational
2018Hoxton Invitational
2017Hoxton Invitational
2016Hoxton Invitational
2015Hoxton Invitational
2014Hoxton Invitational
2013Hoxton Invitational
2012Hoxton Invitational
2011Hoxton Invitational
2010Hoxton Invitational
2009Hoxton Invitational
2008Hoxton Invitational
2007Hoxton Invitational
2004Hoxton Invitational
2001Hoxton Invitational
1999Hoxton Invitational
1998Hoxton Invitational
1997Hoxton Invitational
1985Hoxton Invitational

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The Hoxton Invitational is named after former Episcopal High School Headmaster A.R. Hoxton, who retired in 1981. It is an indoor track meet frequently attended by DC area private schools and hosted at Cathcart Track in Flipping Fieldhouse at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, usually in February.

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