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Evening Star Games History

1961Evening Star Games
1961Evening Star Games - HS
1960Evening Star Games - HS
1960Evening Star Games
1959Evening Star Games
1959Evening Star Games - HS
1958Evening Star Games - HS
1958Evening Star Games
1957Evening Star Games - HS
1957Evening Star Games
1956Evening Star Games - HS
1956Evening Star Games
1955Evening Star Games - HS
1955Evening Star Games
1954Evening Star Games
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1951Evening Star Games
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1948Evening Star Games

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The Evening Star Games, sometimes called the Evening Star-AAU Games, was a high performance indoor track meet contested in the Washington D.C. National Guard Armory for fourteen years consecutively from 1948 to 1961. The meet hosted world class amateur and collegiate talent in addition to local talent.

The meet featured a unique sprint series in which sprinters were encouraged to race in the 70 Yard Dash, 80 Yard Dash, and 100 Yard Dash all within about two hours. The meet also highlighted an invitation 70 Yard Hurdle race, 600 Yard Dash, and Mile Run. The high jump was contested from the beginning and the pole vault became a crowd favorite after it was introduced in 1949. The first women's event was added in 1951. A full slate of high school events was added in 1955, prior to which the high school athletes were welcome to enter the all-comers events.

Perhaps the most famous athlete to compete in the Evening Star Games was U.S. Olympian Wilma Rudolph who won the Women's 50 Yard Dash in the 1959 Evening Star Games, but her time of 6.2 did not eclipse the meet record of 5.8 set by her Tennessee teammate Isabelle Daniels in 1956. The 5.8 50 yard time was recorded in a preliminary race and was reported as a world record in 1956. Daniels tied the American record in the 100 yard dash with a time of 11.1 in the same meet. Rudolph went on to gain international fame when she won three gold medals at the 1960 Olympics.

Records below are unofficial records based on results and recaps found retroactively. World Records (W.R.) and American Records (A.R.) were reported by the Washington Post and may not have been official events eligible to be ratified as records.

High School Meet Records (1948-1961)
Event				Result		Name			School			Year
60 Yard Dash			6.2 		Eddie Miles		Eastern 		1958
70 Yard Dash (all-comers) 	7.1 		Henry Tresher		Mercersburg Academy 	1950
80 Yard Dash (all-comers) 	7.9 		Henry Tresher		Mercersburg Academy 	1950
100 Yard Dash			9.9 		Eddie Miles		Eastern 		1958
600 Yard Run			1:15.5 (tie)	Alexander Wright	Cardozo 		1961
						Ramsey Thomas		Catonsville 		1961
1000 Yard Run			2:21.1		Jules Lucas 		Cardozo 		1956
Mile Run			4:30.8		Irv Hook		Dundalk 		1961
70 Yard High Hurdles		8.7 		Robert Green		Spingarn 		1961
660 Yard Medley Relay		1:12					Washington-Lee 		1956
Mile Medley Relay		3:41.5					Randolph-Macon 		1961
Mile Relay			3:33.8					Bethesda-CC 		1960
Broad Jump			22-03 1/8"	Russ Peterson		Washington-Lee 		1961
High Jump			6-03 3/8"	Charles Davis		Washington-Lee 		1958
Pole Vault			12-03 		Ward Sims		Woodberry Forest 	1956

Men's Meet Records (1948-1961)
Event				Result		Name			Affiliation		Year
70 Yard Dash			7.0 		Dave Sime		Duke University   1956, 1960
70 Yard HH (5 hurdles)		8.2 W.R.	Lee Calhoun 		N. Carolina College 	1957
70 Yard HH (6 hurdles)		8.2 A.R.	Hayes Jones 		E. Michigan U		1961
80 Yard Dash			7.8 		Dave Sime 		Duke University 	1958
100 Yard Dash			9.5 A.R.	Dave Sime 		Duke University 	1956
600 Yard Run			1:12.7 		Joe Gaffney 		Shanahan Catholic Club 	1955
1000 Yard Run			2:12.7 		Cary Wiesiger 		Quantico Marines 	1961
One Mile Run			4:08.3 		Ed Moran 		NYAC 			1960
One Mile Walk			6:40.8 		Ronald Zinn 		USMC 			1961
Mile Medley Relay		3:39.6 					Catholic University 	1958
Mile Relay			3:21 					West Chester Teachers 	1960
Two Mile Run			8:54.4		Al Lawrence		Houston Athletic Club 	1961
Two Mile Relay			7:49.2 					Western Michigan 	1960
Three Mile Run			14:01.4		John Macy		Houston			1960
Pole Vault			15-04.50	Don Bragg		Shanahan Catholic Club 	1959
High Jump			6-08.25		Charles Stead		Villanova 		1959

Women's Meet Records (1948-1961)
Event				Result		Name			Affiliation		Year
50 Yard Dash			5.8 W.R.	Isabelle Daniels	Tennessee A&I 		1956
70 Yard Hurdles			9.5 (tie)	Constance Darnowski	German-American A.C. 	1955
						Evelyn Lawler 		Tuskegee Institute 	1951
100 Yard Dash			11.1 tie-A.R.	Isabelle Daniels	Tennessee A&I 		1956
220 Yard			26.6 		Lucinda Williams	Tennessee A&I 		1959
440 Yard			63.4 		Lillian Green		NY Police 		1959
880 Yard			2:25.3 		Sandra Pashkin		Unattached 		1961
440 Yard Relay			52.4 					NYPAL 			1959
440 Yard Medley Relay		52.3 					Tennessee A&I 		1959
880 Yard Relay			1:51.6 					Daley Youth Chicago 	1961
High Jump			4-09		Helena Walker		Central Jersey TC 	1961
Shot Put 4k			44-01.25 W.R.	Adele Tischler		Czechoslovakia 		1956

The Evening Star Games officially ended after the 1961 games, and the D.C. Public Schools Invitational was said to replace the Evening Star Games at the D.C. Armory in 1962. The D.C. Public Schools Invitational eliminated the AAU competition by 1964 and the meet evolved into a K-12 meet by 1965.

In 1968, the organizers of the CYO National Invitational cited the old Evening Star Games as the meet they aspired to re-create in the D.C. Armory and later at Cole Field House at University of Maryland.

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