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Draper Invitational History

2019Draper Invitational
2018Draper Invitational
2017Draper Invitational
2016Draper Invitational
2015Draper Invitational
2014Draper Invitational
2013Draper Invitational
2012Draper Invitational
2011Draper Invitational
2010Draper Invitational
2009Draper Invitational
2008Draper Invitational
2007Draper Invitational
2006Draper Invitational
2005Draper Invitational
2004Draper Invitational
2003Draper Invitational
2002Draper Invitational
2001Draper Invitational
1998Draper Invitational
1997Draper Invitational
1993Draper Invitational
1986Draper Invitational
1985Draper Invitational - Partial
1983Draper Invitational

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From Draper Invitational Website: The Draper Invitational Track and Field Meet is named in honor of Major General Philip H. Draper, Jr. who generously contributed the six-lane, all-weather, 400-meter stratatrack to St. Stephen's school in 1981. General Draper, father of Anne Draper deCamp '56 and grandfather of David Newton '82 and Robert Newton '76, is a former athletic director and 1929 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

The track, dedicated in 1981, was the site of the first annual invitational track meet on April 30, 1982 under the direction of Athletic Director Mr. Albert L. "Sleepy" Thompson and Meet Director Mr. Jim Osuna.

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